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Lorena Azizeh, a jewellery designer originally Bolivian-Palestinian but lived in the US, has recently moved to Syria to make her mark in the Middle Eastern fashion scene. A one on one with the mastermind Lorena who designs statement jewellery pieces we adore.




Fustany: How did your career as a jewelry designer start?


Lorena Azizeh: Since I was really young I was always into fashion and intrigued by jewelry. It was a passion of mine to spend my time with my mom, who taught me beading and creating things. During college I started realizing I could never find jewelry I liked because everyone was wearing the same things.  I decided to start creating jewelry for myself which was extremely unique and was sure no one else would have. Immediately people started noticing my rare designs and complimenting them and literally begging to buy them off of me. At that point I realized I was onto something and began selling my one-of-a-kind pieces.





Fustany: Your pieces are extremely unique, what inspires you the most?


Lorena Azizeh: As I mentioned before I’m inspired by individuality and embracing your own personality and style. So many people feel like they’re so fashionable and stylish if they’re wearing the latest trends and looks off the runway or dressed head to toe in designer labels. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and the trend of the moment doesn’t always suit everyone’s personality and/or style. I am inspired by staying FAR FAR away from “cookie cutter jewelry” as I call it, which is the same old stuff you see all over the place. My jewelry is designed for fashion forward daring women who are confident and not afraid to show it wearing extravagant pieces.


Therefore not everyone can pull them off and that’s O.K. that’s fashion. They are statement pieces so wear them if you dare! I am inspired by nature and use semi precious stones, minerals and gems with healing powers and metaphysical properties. I believe in the power of healing through energy and therefore incorporate those beliefs in my designs. For example: I use tons of different types of Agate, which are known for giving the wearer strength, harmony, and protection. Agate is also used to remove blockages from any chakra.





Fustany: Favorite quote?


Lorena Azizeh: So many! The ones topping my list are “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” Kurt Cobain and “You create your own universe as you go along.” Winston Churchill.





Fustany: Describe your designs in three words.


Lorena Azizeh: Rare, enthralling and raw.






Fustany: What’s the most difficult challenge you had to face as a young designer?


Lorena Azizeh: Fortunately, the only “challenge” I have faced was moving to a foreign country and leaving my clientele and developing new clientele. This has been a learning experience and taught me how to develop new clients and adapt to different markets.






Fustany: We love the idea of you starting a clothing line; can you tell us more about it and give Fustany’s  readers a peek?


Lorena Azizeh: My clothing line will also follow the main attributes and inspiration as my jewelry line. There will only be one of each piece to maintain exclusivity. I will start off with a ready to wear collection and see how that goes to take it from there. The collection will consist of bright colors and will complement my jewelry collection.





Fustany: Talk to us more about your blog.


Lorena Azizeh: The title of my blog is Rocks My Style, because I love rocks. My blog is exactly what the title says it is. Pretty much about all the things in life, fashion and travel that rock my style. It’s a play on words because I collect rocks. I moved to Syria in summer of 2009 and that’s when I became completely obsessed with reading tons of different fashion blogs everyday to quench my thirst for fashion. In August 2010 I decided to start my own and share my thoughts and views with the world and I’m overwhelmed with the increasing amount of readers from all different parts of the world. I plan to start posting more of my personal looks of the day.





Fustany: In your opinion, who’s a fashion icon and why?


Lorena Azizeh: Audrey Hepburn because her style and elegance is timeless.





Fustany: What’s next?


Lorena Azizeh: Recycle Your Fashion, a new concept of taking old things from your wardrobe and recycling them into brand new pieces. I also paint, draw and plan to incorporate that into my fashion line.The Lorena Azizeh Art, Fashion and Jewelry website will launch soon. Check my blog at for more updates!

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  1. 🙂 NICE!!! (K)

  2. You are so talented! xo

  3. awesome girl!!! 🙂 very inspiring!

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