Q&A with Chloe Garcia Ponce of Nomadic Songlines


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I recently came across Nomadic Songlines a blog about everything that rocksmystyle! Reading post after post I quickly learned Chloe was one of the buyers for Matta (a NY based brand I LOVE) So here I share with you a Q&A with Chloe Garcia Ponce of Nomadic Songlines.

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Mexico City, but I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris, France. I moved to N.Y in the early 90’s to study painting at NYU.
I had a very unique upbringing, growing up in embassys, I was exposed to many political figures as well as intellectuals and artists. My father was the Mexican ambassador to these countries. The highlights of this lifestyle was traveling and learning how to speak different languages. I learned early on, that I loved seeing and experiencing the world. Learning about new cultures, their history, the people, their food, music and art, became a passion of mine.

What is your average work day like?
I am a buyer for Matta when I am in New York. The rest of the time I travel to Asia, Europe and Latin America, finding beautiful pieces in markets to incorporate and inspire the Matta collection. I am always trying to find beauty, if it’s taking a walk in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, or visiting the Neue gallerie and the Asia society uptown, I love the Rubin museum which is dedicated to the art of the Himalayas, Carnegie Hall and the Village Vanguard for great music, and the Strand for vintage books. I love the Morgan library and the Metropolitan Museum for history. Since I am a freelancer I spend my days seeking knowledge, beauty and inspiration. I am always taking courses at the Open Center to enrich my holistic practice.

How did you end up doing what you do?
I started working with Tracy Feith, a designer and brand that I loved. Beautiful colorful prints, inspired by the sea, surf and bohemian lifestyle. I learned a lot about the power of display and merchandising, always creating stories and keeping people dreaming. Cristina Gitti, the designer and owner of Matta, is a very dear friend of mine, she asked me to come and work for her, and that’s how I started. I always thought I would end up as a painter, but I create in different ways, finding beautiful textiles and objects, making them work together as a story.

Favorite Quote:

The Purity of Life is the highest and most authentic art to follow. By Gandhi

Favorite City/Country to shop in:

Jaipur-India, Oaxaca-Mexico, Bangkok-Thailand, Cuzco-Peru, Sardinia-Italy, Paris-France, Ibiza-Spain, Kyoto-Japan

Words to live by:
Live without Fear, treat everyone with kindness and respect, be humble, loving and compassionate in your journey.

Who are your favorite fashion designers:
Yohji Yamamoto, Mina Perhonen, Dries Van Noten, Suno, Matta, and Lem Lem

How would you describe your style:

I mix modern and architectural lines, with vintage pieces, ethnic textiles, batiks and kimonos. I like mixing the old with the new.

Tell us about your natural remedies from mother earth.
I make my own infusions, oils and tinctures from fresh and dry herbs. I use my oils to heal, wounds, burns and skin irritations. My favorite oils that I make are violet, chickweed, plantain and witch hazel. I drink infusions and tinctures to support my immune system, get me through allergy season, PMS, colds and stress. My favorite herbs for support, comfort and heal, are Elder flowers and berries, Nettles, Oat Straw, Artemisia Vulgaris, Lemon Balm, dandelion, and red clover. I love collecting and harvesting the medicine, preparing it with prayer and love. My connection to mother earth has gotten stronger since I have been working with her. Listening to her rhythm and cycles, being mindful and patient, and honoring her wisdom, have brought so much joy and fulfillment in my life.

What do you do as an herbalist.

I help people heal and prevent sickness, I help them become aware of their power and intuition. I try to educate people on the healing properties of plants, connecting them to the wisdom and knowledge that has been forgotten. When you start working with plants, everything starts shifting. You become more aware of your surroundings, you start grounding yourself, and experiencing a kind of liberation and freedom. Part of the process is also connecting through ceremony, prayer, ritual and song. You start vibrating and opening channels and frequencies inside the body, mind and spirit. All of these teachings have been forgotten, people are collectively becoming more awake and aware of the medicine, remembering the knowledge. I am just an instrument of the work, helping people in their journey.

Whats the next step for you?

I am a work in progress, I live day by day honoring my gifts and path. I will always travel for knowledge, and inspiration. I am thankful for the creative process, hoping to continue to manifest abundance and prosperity, doing what I love. Having the opportunity to express my self in different fields, is a gift. I am a nomad, a gypsy traveler, a weaver of magic,a medicine woman, and a storyteller.

Peace, Love and Aloha!

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  1. 1 Terry

    Your choice of “Words to Live By” is totally Awesome! I find it very difficult to come across those who share this view. Please provide more information as to how you can help people increase their power and intuition. Your site looks Great! God Bless! 🙂

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