Cuyana Holiday Gifts


A while ago I wrote about Cuyana, “a bazaar that showcases fashionable pieces, honors local artisans, and helps alleviate the water crisis.” This season Cuyana showcases Alpaca goods handmade in Peru. Perfect for holiday gifts! My favorites are the Alpaca Swing Vest in Light Grey and the Infinity Scarf in Camel.

Here’s Cuyana’s 101 on Alpaca:

“Alpaca: pure luxury brought to you from Peru.  Alpaca fleece has been synonymous with luxury for centuries.  It is finer than cashmere, and warmer than wool.  If you haven’t felt alpaca before, you will be “Wow’ed” at how incredibly soft and light it is!

Animal friendly and eco-friendly.  Our alpacas graze at high elevations in the Peruvian Andes.  Their rich coats grow in over 22 shades  They are sheared every other year in the spring.  Shearing causes no harm, in fact, it protects the alpaca from heat stress during the summer.

Cuyana: only the finest grade of 100% alpaca.
After shearing the alpaca, the fleece is sorted according to color and grade.  All of Cuyana’s alpaca products are made with 100% alpaca of the finest and most luxurious grade.  We use “baby alpaca”, an industry term that refers to the fineness of the fiber – not the age of the alpaca.”

Fashion for a cause RocksMyStyle!

Happy Shopping!


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