Fashion for Charity definitely Rocks My Style!

Raised in Ecuador, Karla Gallardo grew up being a witness of the extreme disparity between the rich and the poor so she set out to start a social entrepreneurial venture.

I caught up with Karla to find out about the inspiration behind Cuyana and here’s what she had to say:

“I was one of the few lucky ones to get an education, and later pursue a career in the U.S. I left home with the purpose of achieving something big, something that will open doors of opportunity to all of those who I left behind.

Ecuador, like most developing nations, does not lack resources. It lacks leadership and opportunity. I therefore decided to create Cuyana, a platform for the rest of the world to discover our hidden treasures — skilled artisans who can handcraft with some of the most unique natural materials. The idea is to pair up local artisans with fashion designers and create stylish collections that are inspired by a region and its beauty.

Our mission is to leave sustainable solutions in the regions we visit and we are very focused on the water crisis. Just to think that one billion people around the world don’t have access to drinking water is unbearable. The worst part of this problem is that there is a solution: wells, filters & sanitation practices. So then I thought – why not donate part of our sales to alleviate the crisis? And that is how the Cuyana mission was born: to empower the developing world through fashion in two ways (a) by creating local jobs and income, and (b) by sponsoring clean water projects and bringing sustainable change.”

Cuyana’s first collection is from Ecuador with a few other Latin American countries to follow.  Cuyana’s curators will then travel around the world to India and other South East Asian countries in search of the next collection. Cuyana seeks to become the e-bazaar of the world; “a bazaar that showcases fashionable pieces, honors local artisans, and helps alleviate the water crisis.”

Fashion for a cause a great way to give back!

For more informations visit CUYANA.

*PS- Cuyana mean to love in Quechua*


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