Dolly Pearl


Vi Hoang, Texas born and raised artist follows her dreams of becoming a fashion designer in the fashion capital, New York City. Check out our exclusive interview with Vi and enter the world of Dolly Pearl.

Rocks My Style: How did you decide you want to be a designer?

Vi from Dolly Pearl: After I won a contest via Glamour Magazine, sponsored by Corelle. I spent a week in NYC and realized that it was a dream that I had to work towards. I’m a natural artist, and the best way for me to display my creativity was through fabric and on the human form.

Rocks My Style: What is your idea of the perfect woman to wear dolly pearl?

Vi: The perfect Dolly Pearl woman is someone who appreciates detail, romanticism, and exudes femininity, effortlessly.

Rocks My Style: Describe your style.

Vi: My style is minimal with a light touch of romanticism. Dolly Pearl is a more artistic and expressive form of my style.

Rocks My Style: Who or What inspires you?

Vi: Women who have been through trials and tribulations inspire me. A future goal of mine is to unite Dolly Pearl with womens’ causes. I think it’s really important that women help, uplift, and support each other. We’ve come a long way, but we also have a long way to go.

Rocks My Style:  Career goals?

Vi: Currently, I’m working on getting my dresses and tops into boutiques. In 3 years, I hope to open up my very own Dolly Pearl flagship store in NYC. I want to build a solid fashion empire, free of trends and rules. My goal is to get women to purchase beautiful clothing, and clothing they feel good and comfortable in.

Rocks My Style: If you could choose a celebrity to wear your designs who would it be and why?

Vi: That’s a tough one! I appreciate so many celebrities’ styles. I guess my number one favorite is Michelle Williams, so I would love to see her in one of my designs.


Dreams do come true. Follow your dreams & best of luck to Dolly Pearl!


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