Upcountry Maui Fashion


A couple of weeks ago I drove upcountry to Makawao for the Seabury Craft Fair and stopped by some of the shops in Makawao. To my pleasant surprise there was plenty of fashion in the “country.” Who knew islands had ranches and cows?! :-p One of my favorite shops on Baldwin is Pink by nature, boho chic style and one of a kind finds. Pink by natures stocks up and coming local designer goods as well as other trendy brands. They even carry havaiiana flip flops in mini-me sizes! The shop is super cute too! See for yourself.

Photos by Lorena Azizeh of RocksMyStyle


6 Responses to “Upcountry Maui Fashion”

  1. 1 Ricardo Abuabara

    Good report Azizeh.

    Congrats..! It sounds like you are really getting to know the place well..!

    All the best.


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  3. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fashion person. But I liked your passion in every post! Will frequent more.

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  5. You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

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