I have a confession to make I LOVE MAIL. Not e-mail, SNAIL MAIL. No, not the flyers, coupons and endless bills but real mail. Notes and post cards. I remember when getting a letter from a friend that moved away, a post card from a friend on vacay, birthday cards and chain letters used to make my day. Somehow it has more meaning than an e-mail.What better way to send a cute note and bring back the fun of snail mail than with Veritas!

Sarah Jawda is the founder and designer of Veritas and this is what inspired her to develop the card line.

I am inspired by days long ago when lovers and friends would send notes with messengers such as birds, bottles in the ocean and not too long ago… snail mail. With all the technological access we have today I believe we have lost touch with the romance that encompasses our mailboxes. I hope to inspire people to pick up a pen and put their thoughts on paper – you will surprise yourself at how much more thoughtful you are as opposed to an email (the cards come with witty thoughts and sayings to get you started)! Go for it! Be poetic, charming and surprise a friend. They will be glad you did!
The styles and sayings of the cards come from my experiences and everyday surprises. I believe there is inspiration in the big and mundane daily activities taking place around us; there’s a card for everyone! “I’m not good with words” should no longer be an excuse so surprise someone today!

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The name Veritas comes from Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue.
These fun and stylish cards are available for $4 each or wholesale by contacting Sarah via e-mail:
Customization is also available.

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