The Sarah Aghili


Awhile back I wrote about my friend Sarah Aghili’s fur vest so I thought I’d introduce you to the world of Sarah Aghili.

Born and raised in Houston, TX the 24-year old eccentric is originally Iranian. Self-inspired Sarah has had a “passion for fashion” for as long as she can remember. At a young age Sarah began cutting up her clothes and mixing and matching with bright colors and funky patterns and it is more than evident in her one-0f-a-kind ensembles.

And a little story about the Aghilinator…

I will NEVER forget back in 2003 some friends and I were sitting in the car waiting for THE Sarah in her driveway before one of our outings. Suddenly we heard some commotion along with some jingling… to our surprise we saw THE Sarah in a micro mini and sky scraping heels with beads jangling from her hair and about about 100 different bracelets on each arm chasing a duck around the driveway. Laughing hysterically at the oddity we questioned her and she said she needed to “pluck some feathers from the duck” to attach to her earrings.

This is the type of creative energy that brought on inspiration to launch Sarah Aghili started her own jewelry and accessories line at pocket friendly prices. (Sarah’s philosophy is for everyone to be able to afford being “fabulous.” ) Since the birth of  it has evolved to every teen and tween’s go-to site for  affordable, trendy accessories. The site now features pet accessories, eye wear, apparel, and a charity section featuring various charity foundations. The latest addition to the Sarah Aghili empire is fine jewelry made with precious stones and 18k gold (at a much higher price point.) Sarah plans to continue expanding in the fashion industry and has a nail polish line in the works and later plans to design a couture collection as well.

Notes about Sarah:

  1. she ABUSES the acronym O.M.G and X’s and O’s
  2. her current overused word is DOLL
  3. she loveeess Kanye West
  4. Loves “rappers and swag”
  5. Never wears all one brand, she likes mixing brands and designer labels with its more affordable counterparts
  6. Everyday Sarah dresses up in one of her costumes and has pictures taken of her

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