Laws of Eyebrow Grooming-according to me!


I have a serious problem with 1) people shaving their eyebrows 2) people tattooing their eyebrows (unless there is a legitimate reason such as REALLY light eyebrows, or if you don’t have eyebrows for whatever reason) or 3) shaving them and then tattooing them.
*I won’t post any images so you don’t have nightmares and to save these people the embarrassment.*

1) Do not shave your eyebrows–it’s not cute, it looks scary and it’s pointless *PERIOD* end of discussion.

2) Do not wax your eyebrows- see #1 for details.

3) You have eyebrows for a reason they frame your face and your eyes–

4) Shaping your eyebrows can either make you or break you- properly shaped eyebrows can enhance your overall appearance while misshaped eyebrows can make you look like something out of a horror movie. (notice I said someTHING and not someONE that’s how bad it is…)

5) Ever seen people that ALWAYS look mad or like they’re asking a question? and they’re not…it’s usually all in the eyebrows– they either arched them too high to a point where they look like they’re in shock or asking a question… so DON’T do that.

6) It is NOT O.K. to shape your eyebrows in a straight thin line–NO one was born with eyebrows like that again refer to #1 for details

7) Do not color your eyebrows in a shade so dark it looks like you pulled out a sharpie

8) Do not extend your natural brow where it looks like it connects with your eyeliner. GROSS.

9) To avoid over-plucking stop every few hairs and STEP AWAY from your super-duper 100X magnifying mirror

10) It’s for your own good– keep them natural looking not cartoon-style πŸ™‚


That’s all.


One Response to “Laws of Eyebrow Grooming-according to me!”

  1. 1 Nadia

    HAHAHA – 100% agreed! I’m glad somebody said it.

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