Things I Miss about Houston


Listed in no particular order these are the things or places I miss about Houston other than friends …

  1. Tex Mex- Lupe Tortilla, El Tiempo
  2. Niko Niko’s
  3. 400 Sage– especially the Scorpion Roll!!!
  4. driving–*NO, to answer your question driving is not illegal for women in syria but people drive crazy here so I’d rather be driven around*
  5. Jasmine Green Tea with Baby Tapioca from Teahouse on Shepherd
  6. Banh Mi’s (Viet Sandwhiches)
  8. Agora
  9. Texas Art Supply
  10. getting my nails done by mostly Vietnamese women
  11. experiencing 4 seasons in 1 day
  12. watching the guys play Xbox– Halo, Fifa all the crap I used to hate (yes i admit i miss those day)
  13. The overall Houston vibe *yes that same vibe i was sooo over and bored of*
  14. Cafe Express
  15. Albert-my hair guru (as I like to call him) @ Solutions for Hair the only person that knows what my hair likes πŸ™‚ and the reason I’ve waited 10 months and have yet to get a haircut!
  16. Central Market & Whole Foods
  17. Chocolate JalapeΓ±o Ice Cream @ Paciugo’s
  18. The joys of the 1st world :-p

As you can see almost everything I miss is food related… :-p

As much as I complained about you I love you and miss you Houston πŸ™‚

Houston’s home.


Ps–I miss school too. Now THAT’S WIERD.


4 Responses to “Things I Miss about Houston”

  1. 1 The Matrix

    fyi paciugos shut down !

  2. 3 Ramon

    I doubt u have the same answer to: Agora burned down!!!

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