So as I mentioned before in a previous post titled Playing Around
my best friend Mayra Leal is on her way to becoming a superstar! Mayra Leal makes her big break in the new Robert Rodriguez’ film Machete starring Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal!!! Did I mention the ever so gorgeous Mayra is in her “birthday suit!?” Long gone are the days of running around Biology class at Bellaire High School playing pranks on our teacher, Mayra is now definitely on the fast track to becoming the next A-lister.

Check out a clip from Machete starring Mayra by clicking here.

This was posted on the spanish version of
Join Mayra’s fan page on facebook by clicking here!
Love ya Mayrinha keep up the good work mwah!

PS- stay tuned for more updates on Mayra’s acting career by becoming a follower of ROCKSMYSTYLE

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One Response to “MY BFF MAYRA LEAL!!!”

  1. Thoughts and questions spring to the mind of this humble celeb blogger/semi-professional lecher:

    (1) Now that I’ve seen your profile photo on Twitter, the theory I posited in a recent blog entry is borne out… if you and Mayra are representative, Bellaire High must be a cover operation for a top-secret, government-run attractive woman factory. (No doubt devised by Bill Clinton.)

    (2) Was she seriously the frakkin’ mascot? How is that possible?

    (3) I was looking at your art page, and was really impressed by a couple of the pieces. Is that your day job, or a hobby?

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