Ombré Hair- love it or leave it!?

Ombré Hair–dip dyed hair whatever you wanna call it I LOVE IT!
Long gone are the days when you have to rush to your hair guru to touch up your “unsightly” roots because they’re starting to make an appearance… This season roots are making an appearance in a biiig way! and I’m loving it!
My favorite is fashion blogger Rumi Neely’s hair from
The ombré look which means faded… is an easy unkept look. 
I JUST got my hair done, and it is significantly lighter than usual I can’t wait for my roots to start growing out and get this look 🙂 
Can’t wait to hear what my hair guru Albert Dominguez at Solutions for Hair, Houston has to say about this on my next visit to Houston in December! 
Rumi Neely from @Rebecca Minkoff via Plixi

Alexa Chung via The Frisky

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2 Responses to “Ombré Hair- love it or leave it!?”

  1. 1 tashacleary

    Heya! Just came across your blog whilst looking through wordpress ‘fashion’ tagged blogs.
    I adore the Ombre hairstyle! I really want it in my hair, but i’ve never coloured my hair and I’m worried it wouldn’t look right on me!
    Love your blog 🙂

  2. 2 Michelle

    How interesting! I didn’t know this was a thing. I actually kinda like it! It would be fun to try but I would have to be careful to keep it clean looking and not greasy.
    How fun!

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